Simple Joy Women’s Ministry is dedicated to help women discover God’s call for their lives, recognize ways to use their call & collect the necessary talents & tools they need to put their call to work in every aspect of their lives.

We share a Christ-centered message that is Scripturally based, recognizing the gifts all believers bring to the world in order to fulfill the Great Commission. We understand this process is a journey, one that we are ready & able to share with you by walking alongside, offering advice & encouragement.

To help you, we use every tool available to us including this site, podcasts, videos, webinars, books, newsletters, retreats & more including other women who have joined our team of fishing coaches!

We know our first step is to give each woman a fish. We must feed you before you have the strength to continue. Next we work to teach you how to fish, showing ways to identify your call & use it in the world. Finally, we recruit women gifted & called to teach other women how to fish. We realize this is a tremendous job. “The harvest is great but the laborers are few.” We believe we have an obligation to train laborers & then teach them ways to train other laborers. This not only makes the task easier for all of us but, most important, it increases the harvest.

We also realize the importance of fellowship. Tremendous growth in the early church was due in part to the fellowship believers enjoyed when they met almost daily for prayer & learning. The Sisters of Simple Joy small group ministry gives women the opportunity to come together in small groups on a regular basis to share prayers, study the Word & fellowship with one another. These gatherings are not meant to be oh-so serious times of study & reflection but a time of celebration & joy as women come together to lift one another up.

Finally, we understand how busy women are today trying to do too may things with too little time. Therefore, we offer ways to help you create A Life of Simple Joy. Simple Joy helps women discover easier ways to handle tasks that cause you stress. We work to help you reduce stress which increases your joy, energy & spiritual drive.

Women across our nation are concerned for their families, friends & communities. It is time for us to come together, train to encourage other women, pray as we have never prayed before & create a positive & powerful witness as the Christ-like women God has called each of us to be.

Hugs & Blessings!

Jean Ann